The Dojo Story

No matter the sort of day you might be having, nothing beats chowing down on a juicy pork patty sandwiched between two toasted buns. The problem is, where can you possibly have such an experience?

Pork burgers were only available in limited places in Singapore, especially ones made with pulled pork, that was until Dojo opened for business in October 2014 along the bustling Circular Road in the heart of the Central Business District. With business thriving, Dojo decided to relocate to a more central location in 2017: 313@Somerset.

Dojo started with a simple objective, to bring the delicious taste of pork burgers to everyone in the most innovative and titillating ways possible. In addition to that, Dojo continuously strives to serve great food made only with the freshest ingredients, meaning no fillers, MSG or added preservatives. The term “dojo” refers to a Japanese martial arts school, which upholds values such as discipline, excellence and integrity. In the same way, Dojo commits itself to echo these values in all that it does, from the kitchen to the tables.

The brand’s passion for pork stems from its founder, Janice Tan, whose late grandfather was a pig farmer from Seremban, Malaysia. Her many years of culinary experience handling and preparing pork has made her an expert in enhancing its flavour. The pork patties used in the burgers are seasoned with a secret family recipe that gives them a unique taste that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Janice is also meticulous in her selection of ingredients as well as the cooking techniques used to prepare them, so guests can be sure they are getting only the best quality and value at Dojo.

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